Blogging is Incredible !!!

While after the long time engagement in banking jobs. Today, I have decided to start my blogging journey. I had quite my blogging journey in 2015 due to payment processor problem and some hours heavy work loads as well as my laziness to explore & discover new things and ideas. Meanwhile i stopped exploit new ideas towards my colleague, family and friends as well as relatives.

In Association with Government of Nepal, Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) is planning to celebrate Visit Nepal 2020 campaign. Taking consideration in such motto or slogan of Nepal Government i want to contribute some of my ideas and experience about my travel journey of various tourism places of Nepal. May be my contribution will be quite few but i continuously update for future outcomes. 

Why I Choose Blogging Journey Again?

In 2014 and 2015 i have earn financial benefits (Extra Income)  as well as small recognition in the context of Nepalese Blogging Community but at the end of 2105 i totally stopped. Eventually in this journey i will demonstrate my working experiences. 

What is Blogging?

In simple language, it is the platform of sharing opinions, experiences, ideas & convey real environment in certain topic (usually in technological language it is known as niche) in digital platform. It may be form of our dairy but if we make good sense towards outside world we will have good financial benefits as well as good recognition.

Who Can Blog?

If you think technological constraints such as building websites, hosting domain its is nothings rather than your ideas and experiences writing. The technological needs can be fulfilled withing 10 minutes but your content cannot. So those who can think and have writing skills can blog.

How Can i Earn?

Stop think it in present, when you start you can get lots of ideas in internet but first you have to maintain your dairy.

What is my Next Blogging Journey?

Hopefully, i will introduces various tourism places with helpful information with attractive graphics.

At Last,

There are lots of things in my mind but if i started writing those whole things my whole life is not enough so i will filter what you search, what you want it is totally community oriented article. 

One Last Question, Why you think about others, why you cannot think yourself?

Yap, The motto is to convey my ideas, new discover, experiences towards others and my economic benefits automatically think me..


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